Geshe  Teaching from chair

Photo courtesy of Lawrence Causey

First Thursday Public Talks


Geshe Jamyang Tsultrim

On the first Thursday of each month--exceptions will be noticed here--Geshe Jamyang Tsultrim gives a dharma talk that is open to the public on a variety of buddhist topics.  The talks are held at the Nalanda Dharma Center begin at 7:00 PM.

April to June: Nalanda Lecture Series

Buddhism in Depth by Geshe Jamyang

Starting in Jan 2015, Geshe Jamyang’s first Thursday of the month talks will become less of a broad “public talk” and more of an in-depth exploration of traditional Buddhist understanding.  These talks will be beneficial for anyone, but they will delve more deeply into classical Buddhist texts and terminology than before.

Below are the topics for each “first Thursday” talk in the Nalanda Lecture Series.  The Buddhism in Depth lecture series will present comprehensive philosophical / psychological models of mind based on classical Buddhist sources.  They will draw from ancient Indian/Tibetan Buddhist scholastic sources and may include contemporary scientific contributions. These talks will have a balanced emphasis on theoretical understanding and application to everyday life.

  • Apr 2: Positive Thoughts & Emotions
  • May 7: Negative Thought and Emotions
  • June 4: Transcendent Model of Mind