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Nepal Earthquake Relief

Request for Donations
IBA damage

Courtesy of Khenpo Ngawang Jorden

Repair / Replace Damage to Tharlam Monastery and International Buddhist Academy (IBA)

Geshe Jamyang would like to see a final effort in our fund raising before we send the money (very soon). The intent is to divide the money between Tharlam Monastery and IBA.

From Khenpo Ngawang Jorden:

At IBA we continue to wait for structural engineers to assess our buildings and this will take some time due to ongoing aftershocks and heavy rains with the monsoon. All at IBA would like to thank our friends and supporters for their most generous donations to date and we would be most grateful for continuing donations. We are still aiming to reach our target and any amount large or small is much appreciated.

We are doing our best to try and continue with our monastic leaders program and have been able to recommence some of our classes in temporary arrangements. Everyone is busy repairing now and their is hope for our recovery however slowly. We thank you so much for your ongoing support.

See Khenpo Jorden's page

Contributions can be sent to Nalanda at PO Box 11361, Olympia, WA 98508-1361. Please indicate if the contribution is for quake relief.


Courtesy of Khenpo Ngawang Jorden

Children's Program at Nalanda

Last Sunday of the Month
4 pm to 5 pm
Child Meditating

Kids Meditation Group

Introduce your child to the ideas of meditation, mindfulness and kindness at Nalanda's kids program.  The program is geared towards children ages 4-10 and their parents, and will include hands on activities, stories, songs, and meditation exercises.  While Buddhist materials will be used, the focus will be on mindfulness and kindness, so it is suitable for all families interested in fostering these qualities.  It is being developed and led by parents.

If you plan to attend please email Quita Terrell:

There is no cost.

Preparation for Sitting

promptly at 11 am

Yoga for Meditation

Loosening and relaxing your body prior to meditation is highly beneficial for achieving mental stability.  While this class will be generally beneficial like all yoga, it will have a particular focus on preparing for sitting meditation.

Suitable for all levels, $5 donation, no one turned away.

This a one hour class. Please be prompt.

The instructor, Mardi, has taught yoga for 6 years and practiced it for 17.  For questions, contact: or 920.639.1685

The Nalanda Study Group

1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month
1 - 3 pm
darhma wheel

The Noble Eightfold Path

The current, long term topic for reading and discussion:
The Noble Eightfold Path.  Join us at any time.  See New Topic.

Summer Reading

July & August

Courtesy of Mimi Williams

Beyond Religion

As part of our celebration of His Holiness 80th year, during the summer, our Thursday night discussions will revolve around reading a very recent book by the Dalai Lama, Beyond Religion.

“A book that brings people together on the firm grounds of shared values, reminding us why the Dalai Lama is still one of the most important religious figures in the world.” —Huffington Post, “Best Religious Books of 2011”

We will have copies available for purchase in the next few weeks, and reading/discussion will start in July



Selected Teachings from Nalanda

Some of Geshe Jamyang's teachings on the first Thursday of each month as well as teachings from Nalanda's Retreats are now available online at Talks.