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In Remeberance of Our Dharma Brother

Larry Causey
Thursday Evening Meditation

Lawrence Causey

For these 5 weeks (and briefly on Jun 4), Geshe Jamyang has modified the usual meditation practice in light of the death of one of our founding members, Larry Causey.  In Tibetan Buddhism, we believe he will re-incarnate into another life and that this will most likely happen within 49 days of his death.  Each 7 days after his death we perform a special meditation and recitation of prayer to help him achieve a favorable rebirth (one conducive to continued practice and benefit to beings).  The sessions are still open to everyone and, in fact, it’s a very powerful and informative practice.

In the first period, we develop concentration (as usual), in the second session we do a short meditation on the essence of compassion (Larry’s favorite practice), and finally we recite “The Aspirations of Samantabadra” (also called the King of Prayers).  It is like a short course in Mahayana Buddhism, very profound, very informative.

Please continue to attend Thursday practice.  This modification will be very beneficial for your own practice and understanding.

2 Hour Meditation

Second Sunday of every month
9 am to 10:50 am

photo: Kenro Izu - Tricycle Mag

Long Sitting

Nalanda starts the New Year with a new program – “long sitting”.  As implied, it’s a longer meditation session for those interested in having group support for extended meditation.  It will happen on second Sunday of every month.  There will be 50 minutes of sitting, 10 minutes walking meditation and 50 more minutes sitting.  While it’s designed for experienced meditators, it’s a great opportunity to stretch your wings and try for more altitude if you are feeling that urge.

The leader, Bob Harris, is a very experienced meditator.

If you have questions about doing this practice, don’t worry, just try it.  No, really, if you have questions contact Bob Saunders at 360 402-6815 or contact Bob Harris at:

Children's Program at Nalanda

Last Sunday of the Month
4 pm to 5 pm
Child Meditating

Kids Meditation Group

Introduce your child to the ideas of meditation, mindfulness and kindness at Nalanda's kids program.  The program is geared towards children ages 4-10 and their parents, and will include hands on activities, stories, songs, and meditation exercises.  While Buddhist materials will be used, the focus will be on mindfulness and kindness, so it is suitable for all families interested in fostering these qualities.  It is being developed and led by parents, and is expected to continue once a month, most likely on the last Friday of the month.

If you plan to attend please email Quita Terrell:

There is no cost.

Preparation for Sitting

11 am to Noon

Yoga for Meditation

Loosening and relaxing your body prior to meditation is highly beneficial for achieving mental stability.  While this class will be generally beneficial like all yoga, it will have a particular focus on preparing for sitting meditation.  Suitable for all levels, $5 donation, no one turned away.

The instructor, Mardi, has taught yoga for 6 years and practiced it for 17.  For questions, contact: or 920.639.1685

The Nalanda Study Group

1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month
1 - 3 pm
darhma wheel

The Noble Eightfold Path

The current, long term topic for reading and discussion:
The Noble Eightfold Path.  Join us at any time.  See New Topic.

Birthday Celebration

Friday Evening
Dalai Lama

His Holiness the Dalai Lama is 80!

Nalanda is planning a celebration of His Holiness's 80th birthday on Friday, July 10. (actual birthday is Jul 6).  Exact time and program details are being worked out but will be evening, pehaps 6 pm.  We are planning a short program and a showing of the movie Kundun, which documents the early life of the Dalai Lama.  The Dalai Lama is a perfect example of the Bodhisattva -- a person who has dedicated himself over many lives to working tirelessly for the benefit of all beings.  The 14th Dalai Lama embodies this ideal in a profound way.  His transition from leader of a small, remote country practicing an obscure religion to a world-wide figure inspiring kindness and compassion across the globe is nothing short of a real, true-to-life miracle.

Summer Reading

July & August

Courtesy of Mimi Williams

Beyond Religion

As part of our celebration of His Holiness 80th year, during the summer, our Thursday night discussions will revolve around reading a very recent book by the Dalai Lama, Beyond Religion.

“A book that brings people together on the firm grounds of shared values, reminding us why the Dalai Lama is still one of the most important religious figures in the world.” —Huffington Post, “Best Religious Books of 2011”

We will have copies available for purchase in the next few weeks, and reading/discussion will start in July



Selected Teachings from Nalanda

Some of Geshe Jamyang's teachings on the first Thursday of each month as well as teachings from Nalanda's Retreat in June, 2013 are now available online at Talks.