Geshe  Teaching from chair
Photo courtesy of Lawrence Causey

First Thursday Public Talks


Lopon Jamyang Tsultrim

On the first Thursday of each month-exceptions will be noticed here-Lopon Jamyang Tsultrim gives a dharma talk that is open to the public on a variety of buddhist topics.

We will meet live at the Dharma Center
and online with Zoom:

meeting # 459 433 559 []
Use password: nalanda

First Thursday of the Month

Refuge Vow Ceremony
Transmission of the Four Immeasurables Meditation Practice

Before our annual Nalanda Retreat, Loppon Jamyang plans to offer the opportunity for taking Refuge Vows, in combination with a transmission of the foundational practices of the Four Immeasurables (Lovingkindness, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy, and Equanimity).  He would like this to take place in the context of his First Thursday Dharma Teaching at the Dharma Center, so of course all are invited.  If you have taken refuge vows in the past, you may renew them.  If you have not taken the vows before, you may observe and support the ceremony, or learn more before May to help decide if the vows are for you.  Jan Vleck [] will offer a preparation class (1 session) before May 2 if there is interest.

If you have not taken formal refuge vows, please indicate your interest in advance so Geshe-la can prepare.  It's OK to attend the preparation class before your decide, but indicate your interest in the preparation class to Jan in the next few weeks so we can arrange a date for the class.

The Dharma Center is at 1620 Fourth Av E, Olympia 98506.